Ripples Waterlife at Stafford Park 11, Telford


Our Telford Store is slightly unusual in that it is is our first store not based in a Garden Centre. We need a lot of space to stock and display everything you need so we decided to look for an alternative. Situated in an old, light-industrial building, we have 12,000 square feet of Fish Keepers Heaven!

This was the first site that we have built where we have had the space to stock everything we need without compromise. You will find Tropical, Marine, Coldwater, Pond fish and Koi at this store.

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We have recently opened our new aquarium room with a big display of tanks and furniture

An ideal starting point for indoor fish keeping is with fancy
goldfish. There are perhaps a hundred varieties of goldfish that have been bred and we keep a big range of them in a dedicated system at Telford, along with absolutely everything you will need to get going, including low cost starter aquariums.

Tropical Fish
The Tropical Room houses two hundred tanks of Tropical Freshwater and Marine fish. We import Tropical fish from all over the world and keep hundreds of varieties and species. New stock and varieties arrive weekly. As well as the more common species which are ideal for community tanks, we pride ourselves in stocking rare and unusual species such as South American catfish, high grade Discus, African Cichlids and our most expensive fish, Red and Gold, micro chipped, CITES listed Arowanas. We also employ an enthusiast who just loves to source rare and odd-ball species. It goes without saying there is also a huge range of aquariums, accessories and everything you could ever need to look after these fish available in store.

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Marine Fish
The Tropical Room also houses our Marine Fish with 33 tanks of fish, and separate systems for soft and hard corals. This stock changes frequently and we work hard to find new and interesting varieties of fish and invertebrates to keep the store a focus for marine specialists. These fish are probably the most demanding for the aquarist to keep successfully and to help you, we stock everything you will need from a bag of sea salt and water produced by reverse osmosis, to complete Aquarium Systems. Naturally we also offer expert advice.

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Incidentally, Aqua Medic, one of the biggest suppliers of specialist kit for Marine Fish Keepers in the UK, have opened their national office just three doors away.

 Coldwater Fish
We are proud of our Coldwater fish. Coldwater Pond Fish are kept in five large systems which enable us to keep a comprehensive range of fish, some produced and over-wintered at our own farm in Shropshire. You will find a big selection of Goldfish, Shubunkins , Sarasas, Orfe, Sterlets, small Sturgeon and Ghosts as well as other less common species. We are proud of our Koi collection and stock fish from a few inches up to two feet. Each Spring and again in mid-Summer we travel to the Far East to buy the very best Koi available and because we purchase them in such quantity, they are not the silly prices you see them elsewhere. Naturally, we also stock more Pumps, Filters, Ponds, Liners, UV’s, Fish Foods, Chemicals, Treatments and Plants than you could ever need.



Ripples Waterlife, Unit B2, Stafford Park 11, Shropshire, TF3 3AY
Opposite Kwik-Fit

Open seven days a week 01952 200199